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A results-driven technology company focused on delivering Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions to business problems.

80+ Technology team with capabilities in fin-tech, consumer internet, IOT & enterprise solutions and a clientele including Religare, Ola, Bluestone, Shell & many others.

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Team consists of many renowned experts in their fields


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Deep Learning

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Real problems, smart solutions

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Problems we are solving

Mantra solutions include a number of analytical approaches in Artificial Intelligence

Causal Analysis for Retail

Video Analytics for major American Show Host

Tumour Detection in Scans

Mental Healthcare Therapy Through Bot

Marketing Performance Analytics

Financial Portfolio Insights Bots

Major Health Insurance Chat Bot

Our Future in a world of AI

Make world smarter, one application at a time

AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in medicine, can not only improve care delivery but also assist in clinical decision-making and operational efficiency. AI tools may have a broad range of applications across the healthcare spectrum, including patient engagement, chronic disease management, and financial modeling. More potential uses include advanced analytics and bots that help improving humans health and control their emotions. We have been providing support in all areas from processing the information database collected via various sensors to applying the core technology like the AI based healthcare engine

AI in Agriculture

The field of Agriculture is based on multiple decisions based on factors that can usually not be controlled. However the data collected over the years on weather patterns and crop plantations can help farmers increase yields by planting and reaping at right time. Usage of drones in agriculture will give the agriculture industry a high-technology makeover. Farmers can employ drones to assess crop health with thermal imaging, assess drought conditions, and use them to apply insecticides. These data points can be used by predictive algorithms to effectively leverage AI usage in Agriculture.

AI in Finance

Financial management is about having the right assets in the portfolio for the right amount of time to get the best investing and financial results. The pricing is already controlled by large sets of algorithms and there is a rise in algorithms that can identify patterns, predict futures of stocks and trade based on these assumptions. Artificial Intelligence in financial services will become more effective as AI continues to merge human insight with automated analysis. The AI algorithms are known to constantly learn from their experience and thus improve the performance over time.

AI in Retail

AI is bound to dramatically change Retail sector. Consumer experience can be improved by using human like chat bots. It helps consumer share the issues, navigate through products and improve customer journey. Personalised recommendation can be game changer in making up sell and cross sell strategies and eventually revenue. It helps us send right sms/email to the right customer and that results in high conversion rate. Customer segmentation can be more scientific and data driven and that helps us make the marketing campaign more powerful.

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